CAD. Tekla. Structural. Drawings.

To those not within the construction industry, when they’re told what services Frequency Design offer and what service is provided, quite often the response is ‘so, what is it you do again?’

In a nutshell Frequency Design provide detailed drawing packages to enable steel manufacturers to fabricate and install metal and steel. Such packages could be architectural metalwork (handrails, balconies) or structural steelwork (beams and columns that form a structure from a house extension to a warehouse facility).

Using both engineers and architects drawings, a 3D model is created in specialist software (Tekla) painting a life-sized picture for what is required.

From this model, a detailed set of instructional drawings will be produced for workshop manufacture, cross checking and site installing, as well as proving reporting for procurement and budgeting.

So whether it is a small staircase or your dream mansion, Frequency Design have the capabilities to provide a detailed package to suit.

But you knew that already, right?